Pastor Pete will be preaching on “Love + Redemption = Obedience.”  When you consider the love the Father has lavished upon you and the salvation ...View Details

This week, as we continue in our summer series “Becoming More”, we will ask and answer a few questions about obedience. How does obedience coincid...View Details

Dad and Discipline

Happy Father’s Day. This week as we continue in our series “Becoming More” we begin our look at obedience with a focus on Dad. What is it that G...View Details

This week we conclude our focus on mission, the M of “Becoming MORE”. We will look at the final two benchmarks that Paul gives us in Colossians ch...View Details

This Sunday we continue in our summer series “Becoming More.” Last week we asked the question, what is our understanding of the gospel? This week ...View Details

Last week we began our Summer series “Becoming More” by going to God’s word to define our mission as the church and to consider our purpose. Why...View Details

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