This Thursday we celebrate our freedom as a nation and this Sunday we celebrate our freedom in Jesus Christ as we gather for worship. For some freedom in Christ and obedience to Christ may seem like opposites, but over the last 3 weeks we have seen that this is not the case. This week in our “Becoming More” series we wrap up our focus on obedience. We have considered the requirement of obedience for the believer. We have considered a new perspective on obedience. The perspective that our obedience is an opportunity to please God and last week we were reminded of why we would respond in obedience. We respond out of love in the knowledge that we are children of God. This Sunday we consider one of the major obstacles to our obedience. Fittingly, we will close this portion of our series together at the Lord’s table this week where we are reminded of the obedience of Jesus unto the Father.

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